Grace Harbour Natural Therapies - Holistic Health
Grace Harbour is a great beliver in Natural and Ethical living and so therefore is a great beliver in recycling.
If you have bought any of our products and return the bottles in good order, we can offer refills at great discounts.
Since we recycle and source are own oils we are able to provide pure Essential oils at very Low cost so if your wondering why the prices are cheap dont be put off by our hand written labels and varying prices.
We do aim to offer a good range of both pure Essential Oils and Blends at all times , however due to our methods of ethical operation choices may be limited so please order in advance to avoid dissapointment.
Recycling at its best....
If you have booked for a basic massage you could be lucky and be offered an Aromatherapy Blend at no extra cost this is because we dont like waste and we like our blends to be as fresh as possible. Unfortunately there isnt always a choice and we never know whats going to be popular and get opened ending up as surplas. 
Dont worry if you dont get a free blend they start from as little as £2 .However please remember if you are Looking for the likes of Rose, Frankincense  & Jasmine these will be a little more.  
Pay per bottle :
If you have bought Essential oils from us you can return the bottle and request a refill or another oil at a discounted price, depending on viability and stock. Or make it simple we will pay you for the bottle if its in good condition , you will need to prove the bottle is from us for  the Top price.
Our Blue 10 ml Bottles with  Cap & Dropper :  0.25 p
Our Blue 10 ml Bottles without Dropper : 
Other Blue 10 ml Bottle with Cap & Dropper : 
Other Blue 10 ml Bottle without Dropper : 
Our Amber 10 ml Bottles with Cap & Dropper : 
Other Amber 10 ml Bottles : 0.00 pp

  We want you to do your bit too please so please donate. 
Any  Aluminium Bottles : 
Our other Lotion Bottles etc :
We will only purchase up to £5.00 worth of Bottles per customer per month at our discretion . Or you can collect a £1 bonus and recieve a £6.00 GH credit towards any product or treatment you can even use the credit alongside discounted offers and Last Minute Bookings .  
We wiil also take any Glass Jars we deem suitable for Bath Scrubs, Body Butters & Balms etc . There is no price offer guarenteed but please rest assured that any donations help keep the cost of  Aromatherapy workshops down for worthwhile Community and Charity groups that recieve reduced rates.