Grace Harbour Natural Therapies - Holistic Health
About Us
Grace Harbour Natural Therapies provides a  high quality therapeutic service to both individual clients and corporate groups. We pride ourselves on our professional style and our commitment to meeting your needs. 
The popular "Refresh and Revive" packages provide an excellent boost to company performance building employee esteem and can also be facillitated as a reward scheme at the end of  company projects.Give your employee's a luxurious incentitive to meet those deadlines.
The Grace Harbour Resting Bay brings therapies to you in a professional envrionment, we can provide our service at sports events,festivals and network gatherings.Where there is a high profile event we can assist in promotions providing clients with a memorable experience having had the chance to take a small yet refreshing break in the "Resting Bay" amid the busy day. 
Our customer's needs are of the utmost importance we are dedicated to integrated health and commited to bring you up to date advice on functional health, diet and herbal produce. We offer high quality products and highly recommended referrals.
We can hold clinics for Care homes, Support groups, NHS centres and  Sports venues at reduced rates, we are also able to tailor packages endeavouring to provide you with a service that meets all your requirements.Whatever your needs we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
Please note we only attend Grace Harbours approved centres where services have been negotiated with the establishment. Should you wish us to attend your own pre-arranged event  held a place of your choice  we will require a discussion with the venues  co-.ordinator.